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Offering our customers only the finest cuts.


Top Quality Meat

At Rangeland meats, we use a farm-to-table approach to provide top-quality meat products to our customers throughout the Central and Southern Interior. We’re successful because we raise and process our own meat, allowing us to control animal size and finishing so that we can produce delicious and tender cuts that consistently reach AAA standards. We also source our pork and poultry from the best local producers available. All meat is frozen for safety and ease of transport.


Retail Products

We provide our retail customers with a wide range of beef, pork and chicken products, including gluten-free sausages and meat patties.

Beef Products

Ground Beef: We sell only extra-lean ground beef, available in 1 lb., 1.5 lb. and 10 lb. packages. If you like hamburgers, you’ll love our patty packs (6-patty and 36-patty options).

Steaks: For steak lovers, we have a variety of options, from cross-rib and chuck steaks to choice cuts like ribeye and tenderloin steaks.

Roasts: Most of our roasts range from 3 to 5 lbs. and a wider selection is available, including round roasts, briskets, prime rib roasts and whole tenderloins.

Beef Ribs:  We provide short ribs for the slow cooker or oven and racks for the barbeque.

Sausages:  Our fresh sausages are customer favourites! If you’d like a tasty treat, try our dinner sausage, spicy Texas sausage or our mild Italian sausage.

Pork Products

Ground Pork: An excellent alternative to ground beef, ground pork is available in 1 lb. packs.

Sausages: Choose from breakfast sausage or maple sausage.

Pork ribs: We carry side and back ribs for your favourite rib recipe.

Pork Chops and Pork Tenderloin: A great addition to any meal, these cuts are popular with our customers.

Chicken Products

Whole Chickens: Available separately or in economical 6-packs, our whole chickens are a great value. For a really great taste, try our smoked whole chickens.

Breasts: We feature boneless chicken breasts in 10 lb. packs.

Thighs: Our bone-in chicken thighs also come in 10 lb. packs.

Sliced & Smoked Meats

The highlight in this category is beef bacon. Our sliced meat selection includes 1 lb. packages of pizza pepperoni, salami and ham.

If you like smoked meat, we have a good selection! Choose from Montreal smoked meat, corned beef, ham, chicken, smokies and bacon. All smoked meat products come in 1 lb. packs.

Other Products

Dog Food: Our all-beef dog food includes beef trim, scraps and organs. Cut into 1 lb. portions and flash frozen in 10 lb. packs, this product is an important part of healthy canine diet.

Bones:  Our beef bones are perfect for soups and pets.

Organ Meats:  On request, we can provide liver, hearts, and ox tails. Package sizes vary.

Wholesale Products

For wholesale customers who prefer to package their own meat products, we offer sides of beef, block-ready cuts, and primal cuts. Currently, we provide wholesale products to grocery stores and butchers, as well as institutions like Thompson Rivers University’s Retail Meat Apprenticeship program. We can also provide fully processed and packaged products to wholesale customers.